If you’re a part of the millions all over the world who spend over $20 BILLION a year on self- improvement, you realize that your school education did not prepare you to live an Ultimate Life.

You learned reading, writing, math & history and a myriad of other intellectual information, but you didn’t learn how to create financial success, have fabulous relationships, live in Ultimate Health, how to have an Ultimate Family and so much more.

You’re struggling in some or all of these areas.

The search for answers is on for you!

People spend hours watching television or surfing the web for information they hope will help them live their Ultimate Life. Millions spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for information they hope will help them live their Ultimate Life. They travel around the globe to hear people they believe can help them live their Ultimate Life.

Are you one of these information seekers? If so, I created this company for you! In times like these, you may WANT to spend thousands of dollars on yourself, but you just can’t.

The Answer?  Powerful, AFFORDABLE, life-changing resources to help you create your Ultimate Life.

We bring you powerful experts, speakers, teachers and coaches from all over the world for webinars and teleseminars, and then our Faculty provides FREE e-books and E-courses for every one of our members.

Every single month you receive more than a $1000 worth of life-changing resources for about $1 a day!

You get to pick and choose from whatever you want – in any category – from either past or future events.Now, for just $34.97 a month (about $1 a day!) you, and the people you know, will be able to stay home and access top experts and teachers from around the world through Online webinars and bonus resources. The Ultimate Life Company has the answer for you!What makes this even more exciting for you is that you can access this life-changing information in the way that works best for you. You can watch the event as a webinar on your computer, or iPhone, or you can listen to it as an MP3.You can bring this Event with you when you drive to work, work out at the gym, while you’re doing housework, or responding to emails. It’s totally up to you!More than $1000 a month of life changing resources, for about $1 a day! You get to pick and choose from the best resources available on topics like:

Ultimate Health. What stands between you and Optimum Health? Are you living a life full of vibrant energy and strength? If not, you will discover how to live in ultimate health by learning anti-aging secrets and optimal wellness techniques that include exercise, nutrition, and life choices.

What about Ultimate Relationships? Are you one of the millions that struggle with this most important area of your life? From dating, to friendships, to family, to business colleagues, you will discover how to create & sustain relationships that will bring you great joy and fulfillment.

We all know Ultimate Wealth Creation is important. Millions all over the world are struggling to survive the tough economic times we live in. We’re going to give you what you need to THRIVE, not just survive. You’ll discover the secrets of Internet Income that others pay tens of thousands of dollars for.

You’ll learn how to develop Multiple Streams of income, the secrets of investing, and how to KEEP much more than you make. We will teach you business skills like marketing, salesmanship, negotiations, organization, planning, and more.

Success is NOT just about great wealth, but we all know it’s important to have enough money to make your dreams come true!

Accomplishing this requires an Ultimate Mindset. True success begins in the mind, but so many people struggle with changing how they think. Perhaps you’re one of them. We empower you to be successful, stay motivated, live a life of self-confidence free from fear, access the power of forgiveness & gratitude, and so much more!

Perhaps you’ve been told that what you keep is more important than what you make, but you can’t figure out how to keep living from paycheck to paycheck.

While we’re empowering you to Make money, we’re also going to teach you how to be an Ultimate Saver, by sharing the secrets of reducing your taxes, accessing the best prices available, and how to take advantage of all the programs most people don’t know about to maximize their income. Did you know that even the cost of your membership is tax deductible? We’ve got so much to teach you!

We all know Ultimate Family is a key component to Ultimate Living. But we also live in a time where the family is being battered from every direction. From marriage, to parenting, to siblings, to caring for your parents, to celebrating FAMILY every day of the year, we will give you what you need to create the family of your dreams.

We’re going to help you discover how to live with Ultimate Impact on your Community & the World. The Ultimate Life Company is just one division of Together We Can Change The World, Inc. I’ve created this company to enable us to generate income to help organizations and people all over the globe, while also inspiring and empowering YOU to make a difference right where you live.

That’s why $3 from every membership goes back to charitable organizations. While we’re helping you create an Ultimate Life, we will also give you opportunities to explore your purpose and passions, while shining your bright light into the world.  

And even though these areas cover so much, there is so much more. We’ll empower you with all the rest of what you need to know to truly have an Ultimate Life. We bring in experts who will help you discover how to live stress-free, how to have FUN, give you travel & holiday secrets, teach you how to maximize your Golden Years and whatever else our members want to discover.

Teenagers are incredibly important to us so we have a whole program for Ultimate Teenagers. We speak your language and help you discover how you can live your own Ultimate Life RIGHT NOW – in all the same areas!

So, what are the areas of YOUR life that you want to make more Ultimate?

For about $1 a day, you can begin to create the Ultimate Life you dream of. Are you one of the millions who watch television to get information and inspiration? Oprah. Dr. Oz. Dr. Phil. The Doctors. Martha Stewart. The list goes on and on. Now you can get everything – without having to deal with bite-sized pieces mixed in with lots of commercials. You’ll get it in 60 minute segments.

There will be absolutely no selling of anything on these webinars – just a commitment to give you the best there is so you can be the best you can be!

AND every time you hear a speaker you will receive a FREE e- book or e-course from that speaker. We are going to make thousands of dollars’ of resources available to you every single month. You pick and choose what you want to take advantage of. It’s just that simple – and just that powerful.

We set our membership price at such a low amount, about a dollar a day, because we wanted it to be affordable for people all over the world. Then we decided to make it even more affordable. Here’s how …

If just 2 of your friends or family join The Ultimate Life Company with you, then you earn enough to pay for your own membership!

When they join The Ultimate Life Company, you will receive 50% of their membership fee. $17.50! When 2 people join that will be $35.00 – enough to pay for your own membership…. Each and every month!

Think about it… Wouldn’t it be great if you could join with your friends; the people already special to you, to create a better life at the same time – together??

Refer just 2 of them and you’ll earn enough to pay for your own membership.

Are you ready to join people from every corner of the globe who are already members? Oh yeah, you definitely need to know about this! Membership in The Ultimate Life Company is going to connect you to people all over the world who also want to live an Ultimate Life. Connect with each other through our Member’s site. Make friends. Share ideas. Network together. This alone is worth way more than $1 a day!

And, here’s the clincher… You don’t even need to start by committing that $1 a day.

You can become a member RIGHT NOW for FREE!  

That’s right!  You can become a member and take advantage of everything we offer – including all our archives– for two whole weeks! Then it will be up to us to show you just why you will never want to leave The Ultimate Life Company Family. We’re up to the challenge. You’re going to be blown away by what you discover.

Go ahead. Only you can take action to create the best life you can possibly live. I can make everything available for you, but I can’t reach through the screen and make you push the Join Now button. You’ll have to do that yourself. It’s not really hard. Just reach for the mouse. Hover over the Join Now button and click.

Just that one action will be the step that will start you on the journey to the life of your dreams!


Here is just a small sampling of the powerful events you can attend at The Ultimate Life Company

The Power of Mastermind with Leslie Flowers
The Science of Getting Rich in Plain English with Croz Crossley
Savvy Blogging Techniques with Sharyn Abbott
How to Be a Peak Performer with Ginny Dye
Progress in Action with Michael Bernoff
Uncle Sam will Pay You to Run a Home-based Business with Ron Mueller
Find The Perfect Job with Judi Perkins
How to Look, Feel & Live Like a Leader with Debi Silber
Food Additives: What you don’t know may hurt you with Dr. Christine Farlow
The Benefits of a Gluten Free Diet with Ron Hoggan
Aging Backwards: Shortcuts to Staying Young with Jackie Silver
Love, Medicine & Miracles with Bernie Siegel
Tapping to the Top with Heidi Garis
Being the Definitive Leader with Hugh Ballou
Happy to Be ME! with Valerie Sheppard
Building Your House of Confidence with Kathryn Orford
Dare to Believe: Turning Dreams Into Reality with Sylvia Jordan
Paradigm Shift – A Guarantee for Your Ultimate Life with Bob Proctor
Standing Firm: Tools for Traversing Tough Times with Mary Morrissey
Performing At Your Best with Brian Tracy
The Love Course with Dawn McIntyre
How to Find a Date in 7 Days with Neil Ward
Cracking the Man Code with Mat Boggs
Positive Footprints: Traveling With A Purpose with Tonya Fitzpatrick
How to Be A Part-time Parent with Full-time Kids with Richard Norris
Single Again! Now What? with Joanie Winberg

And the list goes on… Quite simply – there is something for everyone!

Find out more about The Ultimate Life Company
( http://bit.ly/kinULC)

Here’s to YOUR Ultimate Life!

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